Our Vehicles

On fleet we have 7.5 tonne rigids for delivery of small loads often to very small sites

We have 18-27 tonnes rigid vehicles equipped with hiabs for self off loading. These vehicles can effect quick, efficient deliveries to sites with restricted access.

A fleet of 70+ articulated vehicles capable of carrying up to 44 tonnes, some of these vehicles are equipped with hiab's for self off loading. These hiab's are capable of lifting up to 3 tonnes per lift.

We can offer simple collection and deliveries for customers or a full logistics solution including the provision of a dedicated transport manager and a fleet of liveried vehicles. We will tailor our services to meet your requirements whether it is one load a week or fifteen loads a day, whatever you need we can supply it.


We have a large fleet of flat bed trailers available for customers to utilise at their premises, on sites and in painters and blasters yards. The availability of trailers reduces the need to double handle loads, helping to reduce the potential of damage to the load or paintwork.

Trailers available include short 9m trailers for delivery to sites with restricted access, standard 12m and 13.5m flats. These trailers have ‘Edge Protection’ often required on construction sites and allowing a much safer load / offload procedure.

We also have trailers which extend up to 18m and Rear Wheel Steering trailers which extend up to 24m to allow transportation of the longest loads. These very same trailers are also used on a regular basis to take 13.5meter loads to sites that access was thought to be impossible. With a driver at each end of the vehicle and trailer, we can get access to any site with only the slightest amount of leeway.

Step frame and low loaders are available for the movement of abnormal loads for which we have our own abnormal load services.

Other trailers include coil carrying trailers which are specially reinforced to carry single coils up to 28 tonnes, these are covered trailers for dry deliveries.

Sliding skeletal trailers are on fleet and are used to carry both 20' ad 40' containers.